Problem: Updating the PRODUCTS table of the database will overwrite all the other tables including ORDERS which are entered over the Internet.

Possible Solutions:

The PLAN 1:

  1. Keep Database as is.
  2. E-Mail as orders are entered.
  3. Download file ( or Run an ASP file to extract Orders to a separate file that can be downloaded) - as needed.
  4. Provide Internet form to review and either e-mail or print (Password protected)


  1. Keep Database as is
  2. "Submit" will send all data to the database.
  3. Store add data in Session variables
  4. After database is complete, use a final bullon
    "To receive an email confirmation of your order" then send email and use autoresponder to reply.
  5. View all orders on a password screen. Print as needed.
  6. Create comma delimited file as needed.